The Hic et Nunc (HEN) NFT marketplace is a great opportunity to start publishing your first NFTs. Mainly for the reasons listed below.

1. Why mint at Hic et Nunc (HEN)

  1. Anyone can publish NTF at Hic et Nunc (HEN). No approval process for authors. All you need is a Tezos cryptocurrency wallet (XTZ) worth about $ 1…

Note: That list of NFT market places is continuously updated. Last update: 27.09.2021.

This is an updated overview of 1) the most active NFT markets, which should not be missing in any list, and 2) smaller NFT markets of my choice (simply the ones that interested me). Please excuse the…

I am in the area of ​​collectibles more than 10 years and have a eshop focused on coins and stamp collectors. And foru sure I am also coin collector more than 12 years. …

DungeonSwap is the first Defi-RPG game on the Binance Smart Chain! DungenSwap could offer a fully functional Defi yield farm and staking pool (with non plus ultra ROI) but also dungeon. Currently, project could offer non plus ultra ROI about 800%! And roadmap after starting the dungeon is also available!

Blockchain: Tezos (HEN)

Link to collection: Tezos Ape Club, Apes for sale on secondary and primary market: Apes for sale.

Supply: 1.000 up to 10.000 according audience (HEN is small gallery but could very grow in a near future). Theme will be changed every 24 to 240 apes.

Goal: To…

If you use Tezos ($XTZ) and haven’t tried any of the amazing DeFi options, you’re missing out… and let me find some opportunities for you, XTZ hodler!


Link: ChrunkyTez

Crunchy provides DeFi services and solutions on Tezos to projects, developers, and end users. We like to think of ourselves as…

Ali Molavi, could you tell us something about you as a virtual or physical artist?

I am an artist based in Tehran, where my creative practice has also crossed over into videography and writing. I consider myself a full-time artist whose schedule is built around the ability to be in the studio as much as possible.

My works have been shown in several places like…

v0da, could you tell us something about you as a virtual or physical artist?

My journey as a digital artist began about five years ago, but my whole life, from my earliest years, has always been about creativity.

I came to graphics from music, and in my animated works I symbioticize these two directions, graphics and music, inseparable from each other.

Could you tell us more about your NFT artworks?

I have several…

Could you tell us something about yourself as a virtual or physical artist?

Hello! As a virtual artist I feel free to endless creations, I think this makes me like this work even more! And as a physical artist I also like a lot… I am a female portrait photographer and I can really say that professionally I feel complete!

Could you tell us more about your NFT art?

I have two…


NFT news, pixelartist

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